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Kuo-Ping Chen

Title:Professor (Joint Appointment)

Office Location:
Our lab is focusing on:
Nano-fabrication, Optical properties of metamaterials, Plasmonics, E-beam lithography Nonlinear Optics
Nanophotonics Laboratory (NPL) is led by Prof. Kuo-Ping Chen at Institute of Imaging and Biomedical Photonics, National Chiao-Tung University(NCTU).Nanophotonics is our core knowledge.

Our lab is focusing on:
Nano-fabrication, Optical properties of metamaterials, Plasmonics, E-beam lithography Nonlinear Optics

Metamaterials and plasmonics nanoantennas have gathered great attention in recent years. Because the structure is usually smaller than the operating wavelength, metamaterial is a kind of artificial material but could provide very unusual physical property. For example, negative refractive index, cloaking (transformation optics), and modifying the photonic density of states (hyperbolic metamaterials).


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