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Degree Program of Photonic Technology


Mission Statement:

High-tech industry is vital to Taiwan's economic development. Cooperation between academic organization and industry plays an important role in the development of high-tech industry. The keys to upgrading Taiwan's high-tech industry are to develop new technologies, products, and applications.

Therefore, National Chiao Tung University in Tainan Campus not only set up "College of Photonic" to pursuit excellence in teaching and research but also set up "Optoelectronics Technology Research Center" to develop interdisciplinary technologies. The interdisciplinary Optoelectronics Technology Research Center integrates the research manpower and resources in areas of optics, electronics, mechanical, material, physics, chemistry, and biomedical. It particularly pays emphasis on research and development of applied optoelectronics technologies. The aims of Optoelectronics Technology Research Center are to increase the acquisition and transfer of intelligent patents and to realize the objective of industry-academic cooperation.